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Meet the Team

We focus on evidence-based practice for all our candidates. That is why we are managed by licensed and experienced registered nurses. This ensures our team maintains a high standard of insight into the necessary qualifications and experience required for every match we make.

The same is true for the rest of our team. It only makes sense to hire people deeply experienced in their specific roles to ensure we get the highest quality output possible.

That is why our Public Relations are managed by an experienced and talented social worker. Our hiring manager offers decades of personally navigating the complex world of hiring and managing employees for our HR department.

Our operations manager oversees our organization’s daily events and communications. She is a master at top-of-the-line document verification and identifying the proper credentials for all our talent pool candidates.

Finally, we utilize a crack team of website managers, blog writers, and marketing experts, all directly communicating with our registered nursing staff, who carefully cultivates and approves any content you see coming from our various online presence platforms.

We know how to build a team and can offer the same expertise for your staffing needs. So schedule a time to meet with our agency, and lets get you the vital healthcare support you need!