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Jump Start Your Career with Best-Fit Healthcare Facilities in Canada 

At Medsag, we specialize in uncovering high-in-demand placements best suited to your background, experience, and desired career path. We maintain a growing network of healthcare organizations, consistently needing nurses and other support staff to maintain operations. 

Our goal is to ensure you get a well-placed solution with exceptional pay and benefits so you can further develop your resume and eventually move into a permanent position of your choosing. 

Get Started

    Upload your Resume (file types: pdf/doc)

    We understand that your personal information is important to you, and we are committed to protecting your privacy.

    We assure you that we will only share your personal data with employer after obtaining your explicit consent. Please be assured that we take the protection of your personal information very seriously and will handle it with the utmost care.

    How It Works 

    01 | Submit Your Information

    You reach out to our temporary staffing agency to provide any details of your background, prospective facility assignments, and qualifications. 

    02 | Review

    Our professional Medsag agency team will review your information and add you to our database of qualified nursing professionals. 

    03 | Matching

    When an employer contacts Medsag with a staffing need that matches your qualifications and availability, we present your resume and other relevant information to the employer. 

    04 | Interview

    If you are selected for the assignment, we work with the employer to finalize the details of the job, including pay rates, benefits, and any other logistical information. 

    05 | Support & Communication

    Our team will stay in touch with you and the employer to ensure the connection is working smoothly as well as complete any administrative tasks associated with the assignment. 

    06 | Completion & Review

    When the assignment is complete, we work with you and the employer to wrap up any remaining details and facilitate the transition to a new position, if desired. 

    That’s it! We do our best to make things as simple as possible, so the entire process is streamlined and accessible. 

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