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Find Qualified Nursing Staff with Our Temporary Staffing Solutions 

At Medsag, we specialize in placing registered nurses (RNs), registered practical nurses (RPNs), or other types of nursing professionals in short-term or long-term assignments at healthcare facilities throughout Ontario. 

Our goal is to ensure you have a seamless solution to any openings in your healthcare organization by providing direct access to our ever-growing talent pool of certified, licenced, educated, and qualified candidates. 


Get Started

    How It Works 

    01 | Initial Contact

    You reach out to our temporary staffing agency to provide details on the nursing position you are looking to fill, including any experience, qualifications, and required job parameters. 

    02 | Review

    Our professional Medsag agency team will review your request and begin a search of our growing network of qualified nursing candidates. 

    03 | Shortlist

    We provide a shortlist of our best-matched candidates, resumes, and other relevant information. We also schedule interviews with your team, making the process as easy as possible. 

    04 | Selection

    You decide which candidate you would like to hire, and we finalize the assignment details, including any pay rates, benefits, and other logistical information. 

    05 | Support & Communication

    Our team will stay in touch with you and the candidate to ensure the connection is working smoothly as well as complete any administrative tasks associated with the assignment. 

    06 | Completion & Review

    When the assignment is complete, we work with you and the temporary nurse to wrap up any remaining details and facilitate the transition to a new assignment, if desired. 

    That’s it! We do our best to make things as simple as possible, so the entire process is streamlined and accessible.

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